Crispus Attucks Park


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Crispus Attucks Park is supported entirely by private donations and volunteers. Unlike other parks, it is not maintained by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation. At the same time, there is currently no system of mandatory dues for people who use the park, even for homeowners adjacent to the park. The park only works if those who use and enjoy it contribute to it in some way.

Your contribution can be as simple as picking up litter in the park when you see it, or as involved as helping to organize a park clean-up or improvement project. We also encourage neighbors who value the park, especially those who use it and those who live adjacent to it, to donate annually to help pay for upkeep. It costs about $10,000 per year to maintain the park. Recurring annual expenses include:

Lawn and Hardscape Maintenance and Repair $3,700
Water Bill $3,000
Irrigation System Maintenance and Repairs $1,300
Irrigation System Maintenance and Repairs $1,300
D&O Insurance $1,200
DCRA fees, Website fees, etc. $500
Dogipot bags $400

And these costs don’t include the many hundreds of volunteer hours donated every year by neighbors who care for the park.


To make your tax-deductible contribution, download the Donation Form. Make checks payable to “CADC,” and drop off or mail to: CADC, 69 U St NW, Washington DC 20001. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Most of the work in the park gets done by volunteers. Here are just a few examples of the many ways you can get involved in the park. Contact us to get involved:

  • Helping with regular maintenance (mowing, weeding)
  • “Adopting a plot” – planting a maintaining a planting bed
  • Supervising youth workers on a variety of park improvement projects
  • Dog-Related work – cleaning out dog waste can, stocking Dogipot bags, picking up waste around park, etc.
  • Organizing or helping with special events (Annual Yard Sale, Movie Nights, Community Pig Roast)
  • Managing or helping with special projects (Vertical Community Herb Garden, Solar Power project)
  • Helping with park the website and other communications
  • Helping with fundraising and fundraising events
  • Organizing or participating in “Park Work (and Play) Days” – could be any maintenance or improvement project

In addition, CADC is currently and always on the lookout for volunteers with specific areas of expertise or interest to take on areas of ongoing responsibility, including:

  • Maintenance Director
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Park Engineer
  • Legal Counsel
  • Architect of the Park
  • Youth Outreach Liaison
  • Dog Owner Liaison
  • Media/Communications Director
  • Web Master
  • Fundraising Coordinator

You can get involved as little or as much as you like. Come join the fun!

Donate now using Credit Card or PayPal: